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Drain Removal (price per drain)

  • 15 minutes
  • 50 US dollars
  • Jones Bridge Road

Service Description

At Pink RN Beauty Bar, we understand the importance of comprehensive post-operative care for individuals who have undergone plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks, and Brazilian Butt Lifts. We take pride in our specialized nurses who are dedicated to providing exceptional care and support to our clients during their healing journey. One crucial aspect of post-operative care is surgical drain care and removal. Surgical drains are commonly used after plastic surgery procedures to remove excess fluids, blood, and other substances from the surgical site. They play a vital role in promoting proper healing and preventing complications. Proper care and management of surgical drains are essential to ensure optimal recovery. Our Registered Nurses are trained to provide expert guidance and assistance in drain care, ensuring that clients understand how to effectively manage their drains to minimize discomfort and promote healing. Regular cleaning and monitoring of surgical drains are crucial to prevent infection and promote proper drainage. Our nurses will guide clients on how to clean the drain site, change dressings, and monitor the drainage output. They will also educate clients on signs of infection or complications to watch out for and when to seek medical attention. As the healing process progresses, our trained nurses will closely monitor the drainage output and evaluate when it is appropriate for the drains to be removed. Removing surgical drains at the right time is crucial to prevent discomfort, promote healing, and reduce the risk of complications. Our nurses will assess the client's progress and coordinate the drain removal process, ensuring that it is done safely and with minimal discomfort. At Pink RN Beauty Bar, we prioritize the well-being and comfort of our clients. We understand that proper surgical drain care and timely removal are essential for a successful recovery. Our team is here to provide the expertise, guidance, and support needed to ensure that clients receive the best possible post-operative care. Trust Pink RN Beauty Bar to provide you with exceptional post-op care for your plastic surgery journey. Our team of Registered Nurses are dedicated to helping you heal and achieve the best possible results. Contact us today to learn more about our post-op services and how we can support you on your path to recovery.

Cancellation Policy

All cancelations and rescheduling of appointments, must be done 24 hours in advance. If appointment is not canceled/rescheduled 24 hours before appointment, card on file will be charged full amount of service. Deposits are non-refundable. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Contact Details

  • 10955 Jones Bridge Road, Johns Creek, GA, USA

    (470) 654-1718

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